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Gašper Stegnar, Ph.D.

He is an expert in simulation modelling of thermal response of buildings and energy consumption modelling. His research work comprises the development of past energy consumption models and projections in buildings sector. He works in the fields of energy efficiency and RES in buildings, designing and modelling energy systems and analyses in support to decision making in climate and energy policies. He also participates in international research and application projects especially on energy efficiency.

Before joining the EEC team, he was a researcher at Building and Civil Engineering Institute ZRMK, the Centre for Indoor Environment, Building Physics and Energy. He worked in the fields of building physics, EE and RES in new buildings and renovations, almost zero-energy buildings, detailed simulation modelling, sustainable construction indicators, preparation of background documents for national technical legislation and strategic documents, environmental policy concerning buildings, and domestic and international thematic research projects. His work also included energy audits in buildings and planning their complete renovation.

He is gaining experience in buildings consulting also as an energy consultant in the ENSVET energy consulting network. He is in the process of writing his Ph.D. thesis which focuses on BIM methodology implementation and a detailed simulation modelling of energy efficient building renovations.