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Matjaž Česen, B.Sc.

He is an expert in energy consumption modelling which includes past energy consumption in households, all buildings as well as energy consumption projections in transport, households and services. He coordinates projects on the preparation of energy and environmental indicators and energy consumption trend analysis. He also deals with energy consumption in transport. The other important field of his work is the calculation/estimation of GHG and air pollutant emissions. He coordinates and participates in projects dealing with the preparation of projections and strategic documents on emission reduction, in project implementation assessment and expert support to Ministries in negotiations on future emission targets. For several times, he has participated as a reviewer of national communications and biennial reports under UNFCCC, also as a head reviewer. He is the Slovenian representative for energy in the EIONET partnership network of the European Environment Agency. He participates in several European projects such as ODYSSEE-MURE, EurObserv’ER and LIFE.