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Energy efficiency | Učinkovita raba energije |
17. 05. 2023

was held on February 21st 2023 at the Jožef Stefan Institute, Reactor Centre Podgorica, Brinje 40, 1262 Dol pri Ljubljani, where invited stakeholders such as VET providers, representatives of the Universities, energy managers, facility managers, architects, engineers (civil, electrical and mechanical), local energy agencies and representatives of ESCOs attended. The event began with the welcoming of the participants and a short presentation of the Energy Efficiency Centre of the Jožef Stefan Institute and its educational and training activities. After welcoming, an introduction to the EEE project was made and the main activities of the EEE project were explained, with a focus on ideas that initially triggered the project. Additionally, a presentation of the consortium involved in the project, the target groups, aims and objectives and the project outputs was done. After the general presentation about the project, more specific and detailed presentations were given on the Intellectual Outputs of the EEE project (IO1 – CV Framework, IO2 – Training material, IO2 – OER Platform and IO3 – Best cases). After this session, a short coffee break was done and then the main functionalities of the platform and learning materials were presented. This part was also dedicated to the participants for discussion, questions and answers and also for the evaluation of the event. The last hour of the event was dedicated to the networking among lecturers and participants which also initiated a very interesting debate and interaction between participants.

The Slovenian Multiplier Event was very well accepted by all participants expressing their satisfaction both verbally and in writing through good feedback questionnaires. Obtained an overall grade of 4.85/5 was given to the event and confirms the success of the overall organisation. Participants expressed their willingness to cooperate with us in the future exploitation of the results of the EEE project. Many of them said that they will use our materials in their future educational activities. Some of the participants suggested verbally during the networking session that we should consider organisation of trainings for trainers/future users of the OER Platform in order to maintain the quality of delivered lectures. Also, the event produced an important echo among targeted stakeholders and we have received an e-mail from the representative of the Slovenian Chamber of Commerce and its Sub-chamber for the construction sector and construction industry asking for a meeting to discuss potential future cooperation.

Highlights from the event

Air and Climate |
07. 05. 2018

On 17th April 2018, the first Slovenian Climate Mirror report was presented by Jožef Stefan Institute in collaboration with the Ministry of Environment and Spatial planning.

The event was very successful as approximately 100 participants listened to the outcomes and participated in a debate. Slovenia has fulfilled the commitments under the Paris Agreement and has achieved the set targets on greenhouse gas emissions. Over the last two years a slight increase in GHG emissions has been noted (mainly due to transport), but it still remains in the framework of the set targets. Climate Mirror report was prepared on the basis of the wide collection of data under the LIFE Climate Path 2015 project by the Jožef Stefan Institute team in collaboration with the Agriculture Institute of Slovenia, external experts and stakeholders.

Climate Mirror 2018 report is available on