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Energy includes a wide range of different sectors and actors and therefore the understanding of its development is very complex. EEC with many years of experience and wide expertise can provide answers to questions such as: Has the structure of energy consumption changed in the last five years? Why has it changed? What are the key drivers? Are we on the right path to meet set targets?

Analyses of energy development can be divided into the following areas:

  • Indicators preparation: Indicators enable us to gain an insight into the development of individual energy sectors and impacts of energy use on environment and other factors.
  • Detailed analyses of the development of individual energy segments e.g. analysis of trends in vehicle kilometres travelled by vehicles registered in Slovenia, analysis of fuel sold to foreign vehicles, decomposition analysis enabling us to estimate the impact of the main drivers on energy consumption trends, GHG emissions
  • Modelling of the past and future energy consumption by REES SLO model. Every year, the use of RES in households is estimated with the model taking into account numerous data which ensure as realistic estimation as possible.
  • Expert support in the preparation of surveys on energy consumption for different sectors and their analyses and result interpretation
  • Participating in European projects dealing with any of the above areas
  • GIS analyses of energy consumption and influential factors

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