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Strategic planning includes developing a vision for the future and defining ways to meet it. It represents a significant step in the transition to low-carbon society. Our Centre has been involved in the preparation of strategic documents from the areas of energy, GHG emissions, air pollutant emissions and waste. Our experts possess the necessary knowledge for all the following parts of strategic planning process:

  • Preparation of quantitative background for strategic and implementation programmes – projections of energy consumption, GHG emissions, air pollutant emissions using REES-SLO model built in MESAP environment. Quantitative analysis are also important in international and EU target negotiations for Slovenia as they enable us to competently negotiate Slovenian national specifics that European or global models do not take into account satisfactorily.
  • Setting targets on the basis of quantitative analysis which are reachable and measurable and designing policy direction
  • Developing action plans with measures and detailed plan of their implementation and implementation monitoring
  • Preparation of reports on monitoring implementation of measures by quantitative analysis of effects of measures, evaluation of measure implementation and recommendations on implementation improvement and setting new measures
  • Participating in European projects preparing basis for setting targets, monitoring the set targets achievement, developing new measures and improving implementation of existing measures

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