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In order to keep the Earth as we know it, it is necessary to reduce GHG emissions in long term. Air pollutants cause premature death and great environmental damage, therefore their reduction is necessary as well. Achieving the set targets that aim at the reduction of energy consumption impacts on the environment to an acceptable level is quite a challenge. Thus, it is necessary to actively approach to the preparation of measures and programmes on different spatial levels and to their implementation, monitoring and assessment of implementation.

Energy Efficency Centre experts possess a wide range of knowledge of methodologies, tools, approaches and data for quality estimation of emissions and can provide numerous quality expert services:

  • Analysis of energy consumption impacts on GHG and air pollutant emissions: Decomposition analysis, standards, legislation
  • Projecting, monitoring and assessment of implementation of GHG or air pollutant emissions reduction measures
  • Strategic planning and modelling: We are the only institution in Slovenia using MESAP model to prepare national energy projections and calculations of GHG and air pollutant emissions. In cooperation with partners, we cover all emission sources, which enables us to make a comprehensive analysis of emission reduction and to prepare strategic documents and evaluate the targets set out by the EU or international institutions.
  • Methodology development and calculation of specific emission factors: production of electricity, district heat etc.
  • Spatial (GIS) modelling and emission analysis – the calculation of PM emissions per individual building, projections, estimation of effects etc.

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