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EEC has many years of expert experience and references in energy audits in industry and buildings. We participate in several European projects dealing with energy performance contracting and new ways of financing energy efficiency measures. Thus, we represent the key actor in transfer of knowledge and new approaches in this area. Collecting and transferring knowledge about energy efficiency, EEC today represents a meeting point for energy consumers, state, energy, equipment and services providers and other stakeholders and at the same time we study environmental impacts of energy consumption and transformation. As EEC prepares various strategic background documents for energy efficiency measure programmes, we can provide numerous quantitative estimates for the assessment of effects and the evaluation of different measures for various purposes (e.g. measures programme for electricity consumption reduction). We also cooperate with local communities in the preparation and assessment of sets of energy efficiency measures.

Energy audits

Only when the implementation of envisaged energy efficiency measures is a result of joint and systematic plan, the full potential of measures can be fulfilled. We assisted numerous industrial and public companies to cut their energy costs successfully and improve the quality of energy supply as well as their products. An energy audit is the first step in the process of the improvement of energy and material efficiency. It should provide answers to the following questions:

  • Where and in what way energy and water are used in the company or institution?
  • How efficient is the use of energy and water?
  • What is the energy and water consumption baseline?
  • What are the baseline costs for energy and water?
  • What are the environmental impacts of production activity and are they in accordance with regulations?

What energy and material efficiency measures have economic justification and what measures are to be implemented in order to comply with legislative regulations?

We assist our clients to reduce energy costs. Our systematic work and a partner relationship built with our clients help us do so. We also assist the planning of complex investments in energy resulting from recommended cost reduction measures and detailed feasibility studies. Our energy audits include extensive measurements which represent the basis for a detailed estimation of possible improvements of the current state. Our experts are involved in the development of energy sector and are therefore more accustomed to the area than other providers on the market.

Energy performance contracting and new ways of financing of EE measures

EEC has many years of experience in energy performance contracting. Since 2001, we have been involved in various European projects, with which we ensure quality transfer of methodologies, different business models and best practice examples to Slovenia. Quality service assurance, assurance schemes, innovative ways of financing and spreading the products into different sectors represent the main current directions of our development work.

Preparation of set of measures and assessment of effects

EEC has cooperated with local communities in the preparation of technical support programmes for the implementation of energy efficiency measures (ELENA). For various institutions, we have drawn up programmes with measures to reduce electricity consumption together with the effects of measures and costs and programmes to reduce energy consumption for transport as well as for heating and cooling. We have developed a comprehensive methodology for energy savings assessment (methods for assessment of energy savings, renewable energy sources consumption and CO2 emission reduction). We carry out the monitoring of the implementation of measures as well.

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